Streamlining the compliance management process
Ever Comply is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, providing cutting-edge technology and expert advice in the compliance and regulatory space

Compliance automation for regulated Insurance Intermediaries

We help FCA-regulated insurance intermediaries navigate complex regulations, to achieve and maintain compliance in an ever-changing regulatory landscape

Ever Comply® revolutionises compliance management, serving as an all-encompassing 'compliance team in a box.'

We specialise in providing bespoke policy documentation, expert advisory services, and a dedicated Consumer Duty MI dashboard, along with an extensive range of compliance-oriented templates and registers.
Our policies are kept up to date with the latest regulatory changes, assuring continuous compliance.


Suneeta Padda
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Larry Shapiro
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Ever Comply is the brain-child of Suneeta Padda and Larry Shapiro, who have substantial combined experience of the insurance industry, of technology, and of developing B2B products and systems. The business has had a very clear vision and objective from the outset, to make regulatory compliance an achievable and cost-effective outcome for any insurance intermediary. Ever Comply is a joint venture between their respective companies, Padda Consulting and Copper Ocean.

Modules & Features

The core features of our service include a variety of templates, guides, handy forms, and links, as well as a secure document vault, proactive horizon scanning for key regulatory events, a monthly compliance-focused newsletter, and a customisable governance calendar specific to your firm. This core package is accessible for all subscribers, including up to 3 users (with one being an admin user).

Our Policies Module offers up to 28 customised policy documents and a compliance manual, complemented by corresponding procedural guidance documents.

The Consumer Duty Toolkit captures the key metrics you need to record quarterly in relation to your products, services, and customer service channels, and provides a specialised dashboard that showcases compliance with the four key consumer duty outcomes.

Ask EVA is our AI-driven compliance support tool that responds to user queries using our comprehensive compliance library, the FCA handbook, and other relevant governmental guidelines.


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Document Vault

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Horizon scanning and key regulatory events

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Monthly compliance newsletter

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Firm-specific governance calendar

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3 users (incl 1 admin user)

Additional costed options for
  • Extra users
  • Group clients
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Policies & Procedures

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28 customised policies and compliance manual

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Procedure guidance documents

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Consumer Duty Toolkit

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Customer duty MI dashboard and customer outcomes

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AI Compliance Assistant (Ask EVA)

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Compliance support tool generated using our extensive compliance library

Typical scenarios where Ever Comply proves useful:
  • • A newly authorised firm (insurance intermediary or MGA) needing a compliance manual and comprehensive set of policies, for example:
    • - A startup in the insurance sector
    • - An established firm expanding into insurance activities
    • - A new Third Country branch / UK establishment, for instance arising from Brexit, or an international firm expanding its regulatory activities into the UK
  • • An existing regulated firm finding it burdensome to keep its policies and compliance manual constantly up-to-date in light of changing laws and time pressures on existing compliance resources
  • • An Appointed Representative now becoming directly authorised
  • • A firm currently in an MGA umbrella company / incubator now getting directly authorised

What our clients are saying

alchemy logo

As an Appointed Representative (AR) of CBC UK Limited, Alchemy Underwriting Limited needed a compliance management system capable of providing an end-to-end solution covering the full range of services ARs require from policy advice through to auditing and assessments. Ever Comply does it all. Having the ability to share policy documents with our Principal firm as well as insurers saves so much time and enables us to focus on doing business with our customers.

Peter Dalton, Chief Operating Officer, Alchemy Underwriting Limited

Optio logo

Optio is pleased to have partnered with Ever Comply. Ever Comply’s toolkit of customised policies, which update as regulations change, and its compliance framework designed specifically for insurance has proven invaluable since we started using the system in 2022. Other easy-to-use features, including real-time updates on regulatory developments, customisable templates, and the ability to map regulatory permissions against corresponding rules are helping Optio stay ahead of complex regulatory changes, providing the confidence we will remain compliant at all times.

Nina Evans, Compliance Officer, Optio Group Limited

rib logo

Ever Comply is our compliance platform of choice for our newly authorised branch in the UK. As one of Italy’s leading insurance and reinsurance broking groups, the suite of customised policies has provided R.I.B. Reinsurance International Brokers S.p.A. with the perfect compliance management solution and helped to ensure a smooth and efficient approval process with the FCA for our third country branch in London. The Ever Comply philosophy of making compliance simple, straightforward, and sustainable aligns well with the RIB Group in developing solutions to meet market and client requirements.

Stefano Curioni, Branch Manager – UK, R.I.B. Reinsurance International Brokers S.p.A.

evolve brokers

Ever Comply has transformed our compliance approach at Evolve Brokers. As our "compliance team in a box," it navigates regulatory changes seamlessly, keeping us ahead effortlessly. The user-friendly interface and exceptional support make it an indispensable asset.

Kirk Luchman, Managing Director, Evolve Brokers Limited

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We are delighted to have been selected for PwC’s 2023 Scale InsurTech Programme; further details can be found here.

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